Exxentric Now at Train Smarter in Toronto

This weekend we’ve sent Fredrik Correa to Train Smarter in Toronto, Canada. Here’s why it matters, in his own words:

Exxentric at Train Smarter in TorontoHere we go! #TrainSmarter2015 is just about to start and it’s packed with great speakers. I’m excited to be here together with James Baker, strength and conditioning coach from Proformance, UK.

We have three main reasons for going to this event by the Royal College of Chiropractic Sports Sciences of Canada:


Just like all attendees I’m also here to learn from all the great speakers. How can you not do with names like Stuart Phillips, Mike Young, Christian Thibaudeau, Matt Jordan, Nick Winkelman, Mark Rippetoe and list goes on, check out the speaker list here.

But I’m also here to learn from potential customers. What are their problems in training and what can be improved? We started Exxentric with the goal to solve training problems and maybe input from Toronto will end up as new products or methods eventually.

Show the kBox

Baker & Correa in TorontoIs great to be out in the field, it beats the keyboard and the screen everyday – even if interacting across the globe is easier than ever and has given me the opportunity to talk to and learn from a lot of skilled people.

In Toronto I hope to meet many new people, see them try flywheel training on the kBox and get their feedback. This is a pure goldmine for our development and the core of our business, and hopefully we will ship more kBox systems to Canada in the future thanks to this.

Offering a nice deal

Special for the Train Smarter event, we are bringing a nice deal for everyone brave enough to get up on the kBox.

Also, if you are in the Toronto area but not attending the TrainSmarter event, please reach out and we’ll set something up. I’ll leave Monday evening and have no plans but to see you.

Happy DOMS!

/Fredrik Correa, M.D., co-founder

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