Accessory Rack

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The two variations of our Accessory Rack offer you two of the most optimal solutions available to keep your kBox and kPulley accessories in order.

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A fully equipped kBox or kPulley package contains several different accessories, and keeping them in order is important to make your training as easy and time efficient as possible. With the Accessory Rack, you can keep all your accessories in one place in perfect order. It can be just as effective in a professional strength training facility or physiotherapy clinic as well as in your garage or living room.

Lightweight and easy to assemble, the Accessory Rack is shipped in a flat package and the Freestanding variation is ready to use after just tightening four screws with the enclosed tools. The Wall Mounted variation requires additional screws compatible with your wall but it’s perfect for any facility where floor space is limited.


Custom made for the Exxentric product line, the Accessory Rack can hold items for up to two kBox or kPulley systems, including Flywheels (9 in total), HarnessesHip BeltskBarskGripsAnkle Cuffs and even a kMeter iPad.

The dimensions of the Freestanding Accessory Rack are: 105 cm tall, 52 cm deep, 70 vs 51 cm wide (top vs bottom) and 7.5 kg in total. While the Wall Mounted variations is: 110 cm long, 110 cm wide, 8 cm deep and 4.7 kg in total.

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Wall Mounted, Freestanding


105 cm (Freestanding), 110 cm (Wall Mounted)


70 cm (Freestanding), 110 cm (Wall Mounted)


8 cm (Wall Mounted)


7.5 kg (Freestanding), 4.7 kg (Wall Mounted)

Flywheel capacity

9 in total (any size)


19002, 19009