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The kPulley is our flywheel training device optimised for all of your horizontal exercises and movement needs.

The kPulley is the ideal solution for anyone looking to improving their strength by offering flywheel training for rotational and pull exercises but also core and lower limb exercises.

This device does not include necessary accessories. For kPulley systems with accessories, click here.

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With its versatile wall mounted design, the height of the attachment point can be quickly adjusted almost from floor to roof for multiple different exercises. The kPulley also comes with the kMeter II feedback system built-in and its central housing is coated in the classic Exxentric brown colour.
In combination with a kBox device, the kPulley enables a true full body strength workout with the Exxentric flywheel training solution.


  • Size: height from 40 cm to 220 cm.
  • Weight: 5 kg.
  • Built-in kMeter II feedback system.
  • Maximum inertia up to 0.140 kgm², using two Flywheels of up to 0.070 kgm² each.
  • Easy to assemble.


The kPulley can be equipped with up to two flywheels in four different sizes, made from laser cut and powder coated carbon steel.

  • Heaviest: 0.070 kgm²
  • Heavy: 0.050 kgm²
  • Medium: 0.025 kgm²
  • Light: 0.010 kgm²