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The Exxentric kBar is an essential accessory to any flywheel device. It is comfortable, versatile, durable, light and also aesthetic.

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The kBar is perfect for many different exercises, including straight-arm lifts, deadlifts, high pull and row. It is a typical accessory to any kBox system, but it can be used also for traditional weight training. No matter what exercises you do, flywheel or not, this will be the best bar you ever tried.


The kBar weighs only 600 grams (1.3 lb), avoiding wasting unnecessary energy on defying gravity like with a heavy iron grip. This transfers more energy into the flywheel for use in the eccentric phase. Despite being lightweight, it measures 58 cm in length and manages loads of up to at least 300 kg (almost 700 lbs). It also includes rotating connection for smooth motions.

Its coating is designed to be highly comfortable, and top quality materials are selected for optimal durability.