Combined Strength: Improved Strength Training Equipment Combinations

Continuing to celebrate the first decade since our founding, today we are proud to announce the latest update on our most complete systems with multiple flywheel training devices. These new Combo Systems are enhanced with our latest innovation, the kPulley Go. Here, Fredrik Correa gives you the full story: 


In 2001, Mårten and I were both training elite junior players. We faced coaching hardships in that junior hockey players had not received any teaching in training techniques, especially regarding the use of free weights. A lot of our physical training, during the players’ four junior years, was teaching them how to lift instead of improving their performance. When we founded Exxentric and launched the first kBox in 2011, that marked the first step towards tackling these challenges with the new concept of flywheel training.

Fast forward to 2021 and the use of flywheel training is continuously expanding within performance, rehab, and fitness, with the kBox4, kPulley2, kPulley Go, and LegExx, as the industry-leading flywheel training devices preferred by teams and coaches all over the world. Our #ExxentricFam has enabled us to accomplish our strength mission and we are getting closer to achieving our global vision.

Today, we are launching six new Combo Systems including both the latest version of our kBox and the new kPulley Go, our latest introduction to our flywheel training device family. By adding the kPulley Go we now have Combo Systems that fit anyone from the freelance personal trainer or advanced home user to the professional sports team coach, rehabilitation clinic practitioner, or commercial gym owner.

Why pick Combo Systems instead of a single device? 

When investing in training devices for a larger scale of individuals, you might want to start with a Combo System rather than a single device. A single device can be especially good if you’re predominantly focusing on training in one specific plane of motion while having a Combo System enables you to have a more holistic training experience.

Especially if you’re dealing with multiple individuals as part of your profession, if you’re a coach working with multiple athletes, maybe in a sports club or a rehab facility, you can expand your number of Exxentric flywheel devices for your clients, athletes, or patients with our Combo System. 

Investing in a Combo System with multiple flywheel training devices can have several benefits for you as a professional trainer or in your home: 

  • Productivity: With multiple devices, several team members, clients, or family members can train at the same time. 
  • Versatility: The variable resistance of the flywheels allows them to adapt to its users’ strength levels, making it easier for diverse groups to train and experience eccentric overload in a safe manner.
  • Efficiency: As all the devices in our Combo Systems are optimized for portability, trainers can move even multiple devices within a facility or off-site with little to no effort.

Benefits of having a kBox & a kPulley

Possibly the most important benefit when choosing a Combo System, it gives you access to both a kBox and a kPulley resulting in almost endless exercise possibilities: 

  • Vertical exercises: All kBox models are perfect for vertical exercises (pulls, squats, deadlifts, curls, etc.).
  • Horizontal exercises: such as kPulley2, and kPulley Go, facilitate a wide variety of rotational and horizontal exercises. 

The new Combo Systems with the kPulley Go

The recent launch of the kPulley Go has been an unprecedented success – Here are the Combo Systems containing a kPulley Go.  







Which combo system would be the best match for your facility? Just let us know if you’d need some further advice, and stay tuned for more anniversary celebrations!

Happy DOMS!

/Fredrik Correa, M.D., CEO

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