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As many of you already noticed, BJ Gaddour has gone on a kBox frenzy. Here, Fredrik Correa shares a few of his videos to inspire your personal fitness routine.

Since this summer, the former Athletic Director of Men’s Health magazine, BJ Gaddour, creator of The Daily BJ, has shared a ton of quick and intense programs to his +200k followers with the kBox as as a central piece of equipment.

His programs are perfect for a busy schedule and I wanted to highlight some of them here, both to return the favor and to show the kBox being used in a home gym setting as opposed to most of the other media we share.

Maybe a few of these programs will fit as recurring workouts for you, or maybe you just want to take one or a few of these drills and put them into your own existing program. As BJ points out, just as you can do lots of traditional free weight exercises on the kBox for increased effect and efficiency, most of these programs can be done with traditional equipment as well.

Use this for inspiration! Here we go:

Another one focusing on arms and deltoids:

Lower body workouts

Working them legs:

Two of my favorite drills on the kBox, Rows and RDLs:

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💪TRIPLE BACK STACK!🍑One of my favorite ways to hit any muscle group is stacking 3-competitive moves back to back to back. It's a great way to get a lot of work done in a very short period of time, extend time under tension, and create massive muscles pumps and metabolic stress to spur growth. Plus, you can accomplish all of this using lighter loads which is great for longevity. Here are 3 sample triple back stacks using different equipment that will also hammer your glutes and hamstrings. They incorporate a "mechanical drop set" where you start with a weaker position and move to a stronger position as you fatigue while using the same load. 1. Barbell Overhand-Grip Bent-Over Row/Underhand-Grip Bent-Over Row/Hip-Hinge 2. Dumbbell Overhand-Grip Bent-Over Row/Hammer-Grip Bent-Over Row/Hip-Hinge 3. @go_exxentric #KBox4 Flywheel Trainer Overhand-Grip Bent-Over Row/Underhand-Grip Bent-Over Row/Hip-Hinge I use a mini-band wrapped above the knees on setups 1 and 3 to increase hip activation and put the lower back in a more stable position. I block my feet together on setup 2 so the dumbbells don't hit my thighs and to increase the range of motion through my hips and hamstrings. To see the full instructional video with sets, reps, rest, etc. visit (direct link in my bio) under the GAINZ category. #TheDailyBJ #NotAPornSite #AllBJNoBS #Gainz #Back #BackWorkout #BackCircuit #DropSet #MechanicalDropSet #Bodybuilding #MetabolicBodybuilding #BJGaddour #TransformationTuesday #Glutes #Hamstrings

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This Zercher variation rightfully stimulates a lot of the core and arms since you have to stiffen up the whole chain from the bar to the foot to be able to produce force:

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EXERCISE ORDER ON LEG DAY FOR MAX GAINZ! Most trainees will do the heavier bilateral moves first in a lower body workout. I used to do it that way too when strength and load was more of a priority. But now that performance, longevity and muscle gain is my main focus, my approach is quite different. I do unilateral moves first to optimize muscle activation, joint positioning, and mobility. By the time I get to the heavier bilateral work, my nervous system is primed, my joints are lubricated, and my muscles are moist. With this approach over the last year or so I've never had better leg days. I get precious, pain-free pumps and my recovery is dramatically faster. Here was the exercise order at a recent leg day sesh: Circuit 1: 10 reps each 1a. Single-leg band hip thrust- left side 1b. Single-leg band hip thrust- right side 1c. Single-leg, single-arm hip-hinge- left side 1d. Single-leg, single-arm hip-hinge- right side Circuit 2: 10 reps each 2a. Zercher Bulgarian split squats- left side 2b. Zercher Bulgarian split squats- right side 2c. Russian leg curls Circuit 3: High reps (20-30+) 3a. Constant tension Bulgarian split squats- left side 3b. Constant tension Bulgarian split squats- right side 3c. Mini-band (hip circle from @mbslingshot) hip-hinges I'm using the @the_hip_thruster for 1a and b, the @go_exxentric #KBox4 fly wheel trainer for 1c, 1d, 2a, 2b, and 3c which provides eccentric overload (the faster you pull up, the faster it goes back down), and the floor glute-ham developer for 2c is from #SpeedBot. But use whatever equipment you have access. I love finishing with high-rep bodyweight moves, especially if I did that same move earlier in the workout with heavier loads. Start re-thinking the traditional approach to #LegDay if you're looking for better long-term #gainz. I post my exact daily workouts from the week before complete with sets, reps, rest, etc. at (direct link in my bio). Check them out! #TheDailyBJ #NotAPornSite #AllBJNoBS #Legs #Quads #Glutes #Hamstrings #Fitness #Fitspo #Fitspiration #ReturnOfTheMack #Bodybuilding #MetabolicBodybuilding #BJGaddour #Circuit #CircuitTraining #CircuitWorkout

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Have fun!

/Fredrik Correa, M.D., co-founder


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