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As many of you already noticed, BJ Gaddour has gone on a kBox frenzy. Here, Fredrik Correa shares a few of his videos to inspire your personal fitness routine.

Since this summer, the former Athletic Director of Men’s Health magazine, BJ Gaddour, creator of The Daily BJ, has shared a ton of quick and intense programs to his +200k followers with the kBox as as a central piece of equipment.

His programs are perfect for a busy schedule and I wanted to highlight some of them here, both to return the favor and to show the kBox being used in a home gym setting as opposed to most of the other media we share.

Maybe a few of these programs will fit as recurring workouts for you, or maybe you just want to take one or a few of these drills and put them into your own existing program. As BJ points out, just as you can do lots of traditional free weight exercises on the kBox for increased effect and efficiency, most of these programs can be done with traditional equipment as well.

Use this for inspiration! Here we go:

Another one focusing on arms and deltoids:

Lower body workouts

Working them legs:

Two of my favorite drills on the kBox, Rows and RDLs:

This Zercher variation rightfully stimulates a lot of the core and arms since you have to stiffen up the whole chain from the bar to the foot to be able to produce force:

Have fun!

/Fredrik Correa, M.D., co-founder


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