Announcing New and Redesigned kBox Features

Exxentric’s Head of R&D, Fredrik Correa announces new and redesigned kBox4 features for optimizing your training.

Key points:

  • Multiple updates for improved durability, functionality and quality
  • Now included with all new kBox4 orders
  • Upgrade discount for existing kBox4 owners until March 15th!

Not all announcements have to be game changers, some can be impressive product developments we have been formulating for all of you! Our R&D team has been actively working on some exciting advancements that will be announced in the upcoming months but in the meantime, we are happy to announce a few side projects we have been working on that have now been rolled out.

To us, quality and customer relations are of key significance. After listening to all of you we came up with a few ideas on how to improve your flywheel training experience:

Rubber Pulley Protector

Many of our users really like to go all-out when using the kBox. When going hard on the kBox, on occasion you may not be able to completely absorb all of the energy you have just generated, this results in a collision between your kBox and the attachment Pulley. While we do like seeing our kBoxes being pushed to the limit, letting the pulley collide with the kBox is not recommended for maintaining good condition in the long run.

For this reason, we have designed a new and robust Rubber Pulley Protector. I still recommend avoiding heavy collisions between the Pulley and the kBox but if it does end up dropping in the hole, your gear will now be better protected. Moving forward we will be including this new protection feature with every kBox, and handy users can even upgrade their existing Pulleys.

Angle Adjuster

With the kBox3, it was extremely easy to use Foot Blocks when positioning yourself for some really nice bent-over rows. But with the quick lock solution on the kBox4, we needed to come up with a separate solution for this feature. Having prioritised other key features from the start, we are now happy to be able to offer you a robust and very simple Angle Adjuster. For a quick demonstration of the Angle Adjuster, watch clip.

This piece is now also included with every kBox shipped moving forward. If you already own a kBox4, don’t worry, get in touch with us to get your own Angle Adjuster.

Flywheel Sleeve

We know one or two things when it comes to training – flywheel tFlywheel sleeveraining and mechanics in particular. However, when we initially embarked on this journey, we were far from packaging experts and some of the solutions weren’t as presentable in the beginning. But it is safe to say that we have definitely improved over time.

One of our latest projects has been to design a Flywheel Sleeve that will cover and protect your flywheels during transportation and in your gym. We liked the idea of offering a more visually appealing kBox when opening your package, while also reducing waste and making the packaging more reusable. The Flywheel Sleeves are available in all sizes and now come with any new kBox or can be ordered separately.

Get Your Upgrade

Creating molds, prototypes and then eventually producing custom-made products must make a new kBox4 system more expensive, right? Well, don’t worry, we will be absorbing all those costs and our prices will stay the same. In addition, all existing kBox4 owners can get an upgrade at a small cost. We are happy to offer a 50% discount on these items until March 15th!

The list prices (before the discount) for back orders are EUR 11 / USD 13 for the Rubber Pulley Protector, EUR 16 / USD 19 for the Angle Adjuster and EUR 9 / USD 11 each for the Flywheel Sleeves, plus shipping and tax. To get yours, just contact us or your reseller today.

I know you all have great ideas about how we can improve, so keep the ideas coming. We do what we can with the resources we have and take all ideas into consideration, I promise!

Happy DOMS

/Fredrik Correa, Co-Founder





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