A Stronger Bar For Maximum Inertia: The Knurled kBar

In our path to optimize your strength training experience and results, we are continuously revising our line of flywheel training accessories. Today, our CEO, Fredrik Correa shares all the details on our newest bar: the Knurled kBar. 

Our objective with this new kBar variation was to make a stronger, rougher bar similar to a weight lifting bar but – of course – flywheel training specific. This is the ideal advanced accessory for stronger athletes doing heavy compound lifts like deadlifts, rows, and Zercher squats. 

The Knurled kBar, rated at 400 kg, is intended for the most demanding applications and is designed to mimic a standard powerlifting bar in grip diameter and knurling. The Original kBar is rated at 200 kg, which is a significant load for a general fitness enthusiast. The Original kBar excels in intense conditioning and general strength training with its comfortable grip and super-lightweight design. 

The idea was not to make a better bar but one for specific applications. The Original kBar has been greatly appreciated for flywheel trainers because of its low weight and soft grip. However, for heavier lifting we know that many users prefer a stiffer, more aggressive bar – so, we developed it. The connoisseur should probably have both but many of you will probably find that one of them suits you better. 

Original kBar Vs Knurled kBar: The Right Tool For The Right Purpose. 

Let’s do a quick product comparison of the Original kBar and the Knurled kBar.

The Original kBar, until now known as the kBar, is made out of lightweight aluminum. It can endure up to 200 kilos. It has a rotating axis on the middle point and a soft foam grip to make it comfortable to hold on to. It’s very lightweight, so it’s optimized to get the most out of any standard flywheel training application and perfect to travel with. 

The Knurled kBar is made out of heavy steel can withstand forces up to 400 kilos and has areas with knurling to improve your grip and is much stiffer and more distinct when the load “hits you”. For example, when doing deadlifts, rows, or Zercher squats. It also has a rotating area in the middle to make it compatible with the kBox and the kPulley. It’s the ideal kBar if you don’t want to compromise on your heavy lifts. For example, doing deadlifts with up to 4, or even 5 or 6 Flywheels, the Knurled kBar gives you the same feeling as you would do a traditional barbell deadlift. 

The Knurled kBar is also longer than the original, so this gives you more freedom in choosing the width of your grip depending on your preference when doing your rows, deadlifts, or Zercher squats.

I hope you’ve now got a better understanding of the differences between the Original and the new Knurled kBar, and which one fits your training needs best. 

Max Inertia Upgrade

The Knurled kBar can be of course be purchased alone or with many of our systems, but also in combination with a new upgrade set of advanced accessories designed for your most demanding high inertia exercises. This Max Inertia Upgrade contains:

The Max Inertia Upgrade comes with a limited time 10% discount:



Happy DOMS!

Exxentric's CEO Fredrik Correa

Fredrik Correa, M.D., CEO

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