2021 Highlights From Our CEO And a Sneak Peek Into 2022

Leaving 2021 behind and welcoming a new year, Exxentric CEO Fredrik Correa walks us through the challenges and achievements from the year 2021 and gives us a sneak peek into what to expect in 2022.

One year is ending and another one is beginning. Funny how we put so much emphasis on the end of a year when really everything is more of a continuous process. However, the end of the year is always a good opportunity to stop and reflect on things. One of many good quotes from Peter Drucker I bring with me is “There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all.”. So let’s reflect on what happened, what we at Exxentric did, and what to improve.

The Covid-19 pandemic that put 2020 to a complete stop in many aspects still affected us in 2021 in different ways. We could to a larger extent meet again, enjoy sports and training with friends in 2021 but there are still massive problems production and logistics for e.g., something we honestly struggled with to maintain our quick worldwide deliveries.

Looking forward, 2022 looks promising in this aspect, with regards to securing both production and shipping capabilities. In the context of the quick worldwide rise in prices for raw materials and more, we are happy to say we have been able to keep our price point unaltered. We also grew our operations and support teams to be able to offer quicker and better service to existing and new #ExxentricFam members.

The biggest learning for me was that you can never stand still and stop developing. If everything is running smoothly, it is probably just temporary. There will be changes and staying ahead is about always adopting new and continuous improvements. What will you be improving in 2022?


In terms of product launches, the absolute highlight was the kPulley Go. It had been in the making for quite some time and thanks to you, it quickly became one of our best sellers. We loved seeing how many of you included the kPulley Go and our other products in their home gym setups. More people realized flywheel training made it possible to do real and effective strength training at home, in any home, which also gives continuity in case of future lockdowns or restrictions.

Thanks to your feedback it is now possible to mount it on differently sized wall-mounted Beams just like the kPulley2, but also with a Strap Mount and Rack Mounts. We hope to add even more to make this a product everybody can use anywhere.

What to look forward to IN 2022?

Product Launches

For 2022 I can promise a lot of work coming out of our R&D, both physical products and improvements in the tech area. There will be a lot of focus on our Devices, the core of our flywheel training product line, and you will both see new additions and updates to existing products. Sign up to stay tuned if you don’t want to miss it, they might come with a nice pre-order offer, you never know.

Flywheel Training Apps

Our effort on the tech side doubled in mid-2021 and this had effects for our apps already during the fall of 2021 but will of course continue throughout 2022. Keep an eye out for our updates, they will be frequent in 2022! One of the first features coming out in 2022 is a wishlist in the kMeter App where you can suggest feature updates, and we look forward to reading all your suggestions #ExxentricFam!

Education, Scientific Evidence & Academy Courses

Education and science are two of our cornerstones. We’ve been helping out multiple research groups with equipment to carry out their studies and we are happy to continue on that track. On top of that, we are also working diligently to bridge the gap between research and application, and besides our own courses on Academy, we are bringing in more external contributors to our platform which is really exciting to us. This will be both high-level coaches and physical therapists working with different approaches. Most of our content there is free so sign-up, check it out and don’t miss the new upcoming content. 

Strong Growth 

Our core focus has always been and will remain to cater to our customers, but it’s of course always fun when our hard work is noticed by others as well. This year, we were again given the DI Gasell as well as the Superföretag awards for outstanding high-growth companies of Sweden. Thanks again to all of you, it wouldn’t have been possible without you.


Finally, to round off our 2021 I’m happy to congratulate the winner of a brand new kPulley Go Advanced System in our End-of-year raffle, Jon Herting from the US, with the runner-up Gift Cards going to Michiel Van De Vyver from Belgium and Nick Weatcott from Canada.

In total, 905 people participated in our space-themed game, a glimpse of our heritage from space research. Thank you everyone for taking part, and good luck with your training in 2022!

Exxentric's CEO Fredrik CorreaStay tuned for more anniversary celebrations!

Happy New DOMS Year!

Fredrik Correa, M.D., CEO

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