15 kBox Upgrades Done and a Summit in Asia Coming Up

Following another expansive year for flywheel training, here Fredrik Correa offers you a recap of the developments of 2019 and a sneak peek into what we have in store for 2020.

It’s a pleasure to be writing the 2019 year in review and the outlook for 2020 as Exxentric’s CEO. The team has expanded, the products have improved, and best of all our #ExxentricFam has grown! 

Highlights of 2019 

As always, making continuous improvements to existing products has been important for us. Many of these upgrades aren’t highlighted in our marketing or communications, they are simply the result of an ongoing grind from the R&D department trying to make our products better and smarter day in day out. Without our active resellers and customers we would lose direction, so thanks for reaching out to us and helping us improve! The kBox4 was released in September 2016 and despite it still having the same name, we have counted around 15 changes, upgrades and enhancements to the kBox4 only during 2019! 

Another highlight this year was the release in May of the kPulley2. It is a joy to see all the different applications you use it for and it blows our mind to see it being accepted, used and solving problems in every situation from elite performance training to senior training and rehabilitation. 

Another big goal for us was also realized this year: the kMeter 3.0. It has been long, hard work to get here, but now we are proud to say that your data is safe in the cloud and that you can collaborate and get feedback from your users, clients and patients in a much easier way. Going forward, we aim to spend even more time and effort to expand the kMeter with even more powerful features and feedback while remaining a really cost-efficient solution. 

Just recently, we also released the updated flywheel design with a color coded option. We hope your users will appreciate it, and group sessions and team practises will run even more smoothly with this help. If you haven’t seen them yet, check them out

Education has grown a lot in the last year. Our High Performance Clinic at South Illinois University, Edgarsville was one of the highlights of this year and our first bigger US event. We think it was a great success and the first in line of many coming events. If you missed it, you have the opportunity to relive it here. In parallel our team has been delivering Trainer and Master Courses and attending international conferences to deliver speeches, hold workshops and spread the word about flywheel training.

Last highlight is somewhat personal and internal, but I hope you can find some joy in it too. We were designated the title Super Company by one of Sweden’s premiere business newspapers (Veckans Affärer), for showing fantastic growth and profitability. We thank our users for believing in us and letting you help you in your practise with our products! You helped us get to where we are.

Expansion of the #ExxentricFam

During 2019, we reached deeper into the fitness and medical industrices beyond performance sports, and also increased the geographical reach of the #ExxentricFam with now kBox and kPulley users in 66 countries and 219 Open kBox Facilities across the world. In 2020 we will do our first Exxentric Summit in Asia thanks to our growth in the region more on that below.

This year we also brought on new resellers in 17 countries across Europe, Asia and Africa. We have also been doing Exxentric events, workshops and road trips in both Europe, the US and Australia. Maybe your country is next? Check out our calendar to find out, or send us an invitation.

One trend we see among our customers is that they are investing more and more in multi-device systems. The theoretical foundation and rationale for flywheel training has been there for quite some time but now the evidence from their own practice has convinced more and more of our customers about the benefits of flywheel training for general strength development purposes. Hence, they are using more flywheel training and making it a cornerstone in their programming. I predicted this in 2016 and we are working hard to make this transition easier for coaches in the future. One thing to help more customers to make better investments is our recently launched new systems for performance and fitness, including new multi-device system combos. Check them out if you want to take your training to the next level in a smart and cost-efficient way.

If you are interested in incorporating flywheel training on a wider scale like Iowa University, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville and Umeå Performance Center you should take a look at our two valuable offers this month! First, we include a Decline Board with every kBox4 system for free. On top of that we offer 20% off the kPulley when added to any kBox4 system. Perfect time to upgrade your gym! Learn all about it here.

Coming up in 2020

In 2020, the Exxentric Summit in Asia is going to be our biggest event so far. We will be conducting user, trainer and master courses among other things during four days in Hong Kong on the 4th to 7th of March. Stay tuned for more info! In addition, we will do many smaller events, courses and workshops, both ourselves and in collaboration with our partners world-wide. Check out our calendar for an event near you!

I can promise you that the R&D department is working hard to improve both upgraded and new tools for you to be released during 2020. I can’t spoil too much but it involves not only additional devices but also new electronics, improved feedback and sharper apps. 

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you want to know more about flywheel training. Whether we meet or not, I wish you all a strong and happy 2020!

Happy DOMS!

/Fredrik Correa, M.D., CEO





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