Triceps Pushdown

A classic isolated upper body exercise on the kBox to build arm and press strength for more complex exercises.

The triceps pushdown is a classic drill that similarly to all classic exercises comes with many variations.


Use kBar, kGrips or your favourite grip. Ropes are common in the gym. For doing this exercise with your kBox system you only need a piece of rope and a tackle, preferably with a ballbearing which is about 10-20 EUR in your local hardware store. Connect the rope to the kBox pulley and the tackle to the ceiling or some other fixed object and your grip to the free end of the rope. Fixate the kBox to the floor and you’ve got a flywheel cable machine!


As compared to using gravity based equipment like a weight stacked machine, performing triceps pushdown on the kBox has multiple advantages. The possibility to use accessory muscle and get eccentric overload is one huge benefit on top of the variable resistance which gives strength gains in all angles of the motion.


Use triceps pushdown on the kBox as one of many drills to build a strength in a traditional CON-ECC training program or go heavy and do ECC overload to build real press strength for other exercises. With low inertia and the variable load the triceps pushdown with kBox is a great finisher to really squeeze everything out of your triceps in a long drop-set.


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Triceps pushdown on a kBox.
For a video, click here.