Releasing New Product Line With Limited Launch Offer

It is with great excitement that we now announce a new family of flywheel training devices.

Two of the devices are brand new, namely the affordable kBox4 Active and the kPulley, for horizontal movements. In addition, we introduce important updates to our existing products, the kBox4 Lite, the kBox4 Pro and the kMeter.

Versatility and value for money has never been greater than now, with Exxentric’s new family of flywheel training solutions.

New Devices

kBox4 Active

The kBox Active is our new and robust entry-level device. Perfect for serious home users, group class training and practitioners of sports at all levels.

The form factor is the same as the kBox4 Lite, but the inertia range is more limited and the device is made of steel instead of aluminium. It is coated with an attractive new bronze colour. The kMeter can be purchased as an accessory.

We are very pleased to offer a highly efficient strength training device at a very attractive price point, allowing even more users to enjoy the benefits of flywheel training. Learn more.


The kPulley is our brand new device optimised for horizontal movements. It is based on the Exxentric flywheel training solution using a straight shaft.

Facilitating a completely new category of horizontal exercises for the upper body, the kPulley is the optimal solution for anyone looking to improve their strength through rotational and pull exercises, but also core and lower limb exercises. With its versatile wall mounted design, the height of the attachment point can be adjusted between around 40 cm and up to 220 cm.

Like the kBox4 Pro and Lite, the new kPulley also comes with the kMeter II feedback system built-in and it is coated in the classic Exxentric brown colour.

With the kPulley addition, a full body strength workout is now available with the Exxentric flywheel training solutions. Learn more.

Updated Devices

kBox4 Pro

Widely appreciated by sports teams, pro physiotherapists and many others all over the world, the kBox4 Pro, is our most renowned and premium model.

Already very feature rich, the Pro model has now been updated with our new Floor Attachment Kit (see below), in addition to a number of continuous improvements applied since its original launch. Most importantly, starting today the kBox4 Pro will come pre-fitted with the new kMeter II feedback system, without extra charge, effectively lowering the purchase price for a fully equipped professional system.

The kBox4 Pro remains the top choice for professional users looking for the full width of options for maximum performance. Learn more.

kBox4 Lite

With today’s release, the kBox4 Lite is greatly improved for professional users in need of a smaller, highly portable device.

Like the kBox4 Pro model, the kBox4 Lite will also include a built-in kMeter II. We have also managed to make the Lite even lighter, further improving its portability, while at the same time doubling the potential inertia range. The kBox4 Lite can now hold up to four flywheels, just as its big brother. The automatic belt retract solution from the kBox4 Pro is now also standard, as is the option to add Foot Blocks. In spite of all the improvements, the cost of the Lite remains unchanged.

The kBox4 Lite is now, even more, the ideal solution for users such as travelling athletes, rehab and fitness studios. Learn more.

Further Updates

kMeter II

The kMeter feedback system has been completely rebuilt, and now offers an improved user experience, including sleep mode with activation via the app, so no more on-off switch, and improved battery life. In addition, as of today all kBox4 Pro, kBox4 Lite and kPulley units will include a built-in kMeter II at no extra cost.

Head Harness

This new accessory is ideal for all of those wanting to incorporate flywheel training for their neck strength, making Exxentric’s list of accessories even more complete.

Floor Attachment Kit

As an update to all our kBox4 devices, a new Floor Attachment Kit will now be included with all kBox4 systems, resolving a need communicated by many customers. This will help facilitate simple attachment to a facility’s floor, to stabilise it as well as to improve lateral exercises. The kit is also available for older versions of the kBox4.

Launch Offer

We have always strived to keep offering excellence in product quality at market leading prices, and we are happy to be able to further this goal also with this release.


The price for the new entry-level kBox4 Active is only € 1,410 (US$ 1,585) for a Starter System. The new kPulley comes at a market leading € 1,750 (US$ 1,955), also for a Starter System.

The prices for the upgraded kBox4 Lite and kBox4 Pro remain, with Starter Systems at € 2,300 (US$ 2,575) and € 2,990 (US$ 3,345), respectively, including all new features.

As usual, our prices exclude shipping and any local taxes.


The upgraded kBox4 Pro is already available in stock for immediate shipping.

The upgraded kBox4 Lite and the new models kBox4 Active and kPulley are currently in final production and are expected to start shipping in June.

Starting today, we are accepting orders for the new product line. The products will be supplied in the order we receive confirmed orders. As we cannot anticipate the full demand for the new products, it is a good idea to order soon to avoid any unnecessary waiting time.

Limited Launch Offer

As a sign of our appreciation for your patience with our longer than usual shipping time of the kBox4 Active, kPulley and kBox4 Lite, we’re offering a 10% discount on systems including those products. This limited launch offer is applicable for orders that are confirmed and paid before May 31st. Don’t miss out!


We want to thank all of our partners and users, now in 60 countries, that have been involved since the beginning. We will continue to do everything to ensure all of you have the best possible Exxentric experience!

Interested in learning more about the new product line? Contact us or your Official Reseller to get a quote or the full price list today.

/Erik LindbergErik Lindberg, CEO

The kMeter App Now For Android

Finally, the benefits of the kMeter App for digital training feedback are now available also for our Android users, with a special upgrade offer.

Ever since the release of the kMeter feedback system we have received questions about an Android app, so we are of course happy to be able to offer this now to all of our Android users following a busy autumn.

The kMeter App for Android is now free to download for all users of a kBox equipped with the kMeter Module.

Just like the iOS app, the new Android version offers real time tracking of concentric and eccentric power output and more, as well as storing, sharing and exporting your data.

The Android app is similar to a recent version of the iOS kMeter app (2.1), and we are now starting the work to implement the latest few changes from updates 2.2 and 2.3 into the Android version as well.

Try it out

If you already have access to a kBox with the kMeter Module, we are hoping that you will download the new Android app and try it out.

Please let us know if we missed something that should be added to the next update. Since Android is run on many different devices from different manufacturers there might be issues that we haven’t encountered in our internal testing. Also, we would love to see your rating of the app on Google Play!

To read up on the kMeter or watch a video introduction, start at the main page about the kMeter here.

upgrade Offer

We always try to take special care of our existing users. If you did not add a kMeter Module to the order for your existing kBox system, we are now offering shipping for free for all upgrade orders for kMeter Modules before January 15th. Contact us today for a quote or if you have any questions.

So, tell your friends, test it and let us know what you think. Why not start 2018 with a baseline kBox Power Test and then take it from there?

Happy DOMS!

/Fredrik Correa, Co-Founder

New High-End Systems and Free Global Shipping

Today, we are launching our most complete kBox configurations so far, and celebrating this by offering free global shipping on any system ordered before December 31st.

We have been working hard this year to increase production capacity and meet your rapidly increasing demand. This has included adding accessories such as the Flywheel Bag and the Accessory Rack, and increasing the range of sizes available for the Harness and Hip Belt.

New High-End Systems

To secure that we have a recommended system that offers the most complete current configuration, we are now proud to present the kBox4 Pro Ultimate System.

This new high-end system caters to the needs of our most demanding customers, including strength and conditioning teams at the largest sports clubs, leading physiotherapy clinics and premium personal training studios. The kBox4 Pro Ultimate System is priced at €5,130 / $6,010, which includes all the accessories mentioned above – and more.

In addition, there is now a high-end system available for the Lite platform, called the kBox4 Lite Advanced Plus System, with an almost as complete configuration, priced at €3,790 / $4,450.

Meanwhile, our Starter and Advanced system configurations remain, with pricing from just €2,190 / $2,570 for the kBox4 Lite Starter System.

Free Shipping in December

Celebrating the new high-end systems, starting today we are offering free shipping worldwide for orders of any kBox4 system. Hence, only local taxes (if any) will be added to the above prices. This offer may not be possible to combine with other campaigns, and it is valid until December 31st.

We are currently fully stocked, and ship most orders within one business day. To see the full specifications and get a quote for any system, contact us today.


New Advanced Functions in kMeter 2.3

The latest version of the kMeter App has now rolled out, including several new features solely based on user request. Fredrik Correa explains:

Summary of new functions:

  • Discard reps before saving
  • Import users
  • Delete users

This release is special since all new features are solely based on user feedback and suggestions. After talking to different users I came across various interesting questions such as:

– “My athlete stopped one rep short of the set so the last rep was spoiled, how can I edit that?”

– “I want to do a unilateral drill but work both sides in one set but during the switch I loose a couple of reps, is there a setting for this?”

– “Our facility has multiple kBoxes and we would like to spread the user data (not the training data) over multiple iOS devices, how can we do this?”

Given that my answers would have normally been either “there’s no such feature” or “this would need to be done manually”, these questions made me realise our app’s limitations and how it could be improved.

Before you continue reading and start pulling your hair. We understand these new features are slightly more complicated than previous ones, so we compiled a .zip file containing instruction and templates for importing users here if you need it.


After completing your set and viewing your summary you can now press ‘EDIT’ and you will get a list over every rep (not the pre-reps) in a list. Here you can select the reps you want to discard and they will be taken out of the summary and your metrics will be re-calculated based on the data without those reps.

So if your athlete stopped one rep too short or lost balance in the 2nd rep you can easily just click that one away and save the data like before.

As for the second question, if you want to do 10 single arm rows on each side, you can set up the app with two pre reps and 22 training reps. You start with your two pre-reps followed by 10 training reps and then you switch over and do two (pre-)reps with the another arm and the following 10 training reps. Before saving you will have to discard those two extra reps in the middle of the set (rep 11 and 12) after you switched arms. Watch video.


If you are using the kBox with a whole athletic department of a bigger team and use multiple kBoxes and iOS units, the user data would have been quite difficult to set up. Not anymore.

Now you can set up a .csv file with all you users and import it from an email, google drive or iCloud. You still have to approve every user but it’s much faster and you can send out the .csv to the other coaches for them to add in their devices. When doing this we also added the function to delete users to clean up your user list. Here is a step-by-step guide how to set up the .csv file (or download our templates) and how to import them. Watch video.


We had our multisystem users in mind when we added the import function but sooner or later deleting users would be required too, so we added that feature in the Set Up > User menu. Just select the users you no longer need to track and press delete. Watch video.

Existing kMeter 2.2 Features

These improvements come on top of the current kMeter features that were already available before today’s release:

  • Real time data of average power, peak concentric and eccentric power.
  • Graphic, numerical and voice feedback.
  • Set limit based on reps, time or power drop-off% for traditional, metabolic or VBT based training.
  • Set summary with power, force, displacement, average and peak speed, relative peak power (W/kg BW), rep time, kcal expenditure and more.
  • Multi user, create different users with DOB, gender, height, weight and switch easily from the front screen.
  • Editable data, change drill, user, VAS score from previously saved data.
  • Landscape mode in device or on TV via AppleTV.
  • Share screen of summery to camera roll.
  • Database with possibility to share all or selected data in a CSV compatible file.
  • Filter data in the database based on user.
  • Research mode (send raw data from a set).
  • Edit exercises (change the order they appear in, insert new exercises or delete existing ones).

For a quick demo of the new features check the full video below.


Wrapping Up

Thank you for your feedback, keep it coming! Now, go download version 2.3 of the kMeter now on iTunes.

Happy DOMS!

/Fredrik Correa, Co-Founder


Exxentric Ups Its Product Development Game

Earlier this year Exxentric started a search for a product development engineer. The response from a broad range of highly competent candidates was overwhelming and an intense interview period followed. Now, a couple of months later it’s time for Erik Lindberg to present a new team member.

Exxentric may be known as a flywheel training company, but in our vision for the future we think much more freely than that. In order to extend our technological lead we will continue to work closely with external consultants, subcontractors and trusted suppliers in order to leverage cutting-edge expertise wherever it can be found.

In order to further improve our product development process, we will now also add a new engineer to our own technical staff. Salli Carlfjord, who is a highly qualified engineer with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and Exercise Physiology from the University of Halmstad, will co-ordinate all activities in this area.

Salli is also a competitive athlete with no less than five wins of the Swedish Waterpolo Championship under her belt. Last week-end, she also won the Engadin swim-run competition in Switzerland (see picture).

In her role as Product Development Engineer, she will report to Fredrik Correa, Head of R&D.

We all welcome Salli to the #exxentricfam!

Erik Lindberg/Erik Lindberg, CEO

Introducing kMeter 2.1 at the CSCCa National Conference

On site today at the National Conference of the Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coaches Association, we are proud to introduce version 2.1 of the free kMeter app, providing reliable exercise feedback for kBox users. The kMeter now includes editable exercise list, research mode and more:

So, what were we able to add in the new version 2.1? If you are in Orlando this week, just stop by booth 928 at the CSCCa conference for a personal demonstration ? or keep reading:

Edit Exercises

Change name, order of the existing drills or remove or add your own drills. By changing order you can make sure your favorite drills are at the top of the list saving time for you saving data. Create your own drills and no need to write long comments and having to keep track of them.

I think many of you will like this possibility to edit your own exercise list. Let us know if you use it!

Research Mode

By turning this on the share button in the summary turns in to a raw data dump into an Excel-compatible file giving you the rotational data for every 40 ms reading. This is a feature some have asked for, and now you got it.

Minor Fixes

We made a few fixes regarding W/kg in the relative power calculations and file compability when sharing data to Excel.

Existing kMeter 2.0 Features

Before we wrap up, let’s briefly go through the current kMeter features that were already available before today’s release:

  • Real time data of average power, peak concentric and eccentric power.
  • Graphic, numerical and voice feedback.
  • Set limit based on reps, time or power drop-off% for traditional, metabolic or VBT based training.
  • Set summary with power, force, displacement, average and peak speed, relative peak power (W/kg BW), rep time, kcal expenditure and more.
  • Multi user, created different user with birthdate, gender, height, weight and switch easily from the front screen.
  • Editable data, change drill, user, VAS score from previously saved data.
  • Landscape mode in device or on TV via AppleTV.
  • Share screen of summery to photo roll.
  • Database with possibility to share all or selected data in a CSV compatible file.
  • Filter data in the database based on user.

For a run through of the new features, check out the video below.


Wrapping Up

Thank you for your feedback, keep it coming! Now, go download version 2.1 of the kMeter now on iTunes.

Happy DOMS!

/Fredrik Correa, Co-Founder


[Swedish] Kurser i svänghjulsträning med nya kBox4

Nu kan du som tränare få både utbildning och utrustning för svänghjulsträning – från 550 kr per månad.

kBoxSquat with coachCoacher och tränare på fyra kontinenter, från elitidrott till fitness och hälsa har redan börjat använda kBox4, den nya generationens redskap för svänghjulsträning. Men som ett helsvenskt företag är vi inte nöjda förrän träningsformens fördelar fått fullt genomslag även här hemma.

Efter årsskiftet kör vi därför igång de första introduktionskurserna på svenska med kBox4. Datumen är:

  • Fredagen den 27/1 kl. 12–16
  • Lördagen den 25/2 kl. 9–13

Kursavgiften är 990 kr inkl moms, men för deltagare som beställer en kBox efter kursen så drar vi av hela avgiften!

kBox4 Lite with FlywheelKostnaden för instegsmodellen kBox4 Lite är ca 18.800 kr plus moms. Numer har vi dessutom tagit fram ett helt nytt leasingerbjudande för företagare, från ca 550 kr/månad vid ett 36-månadersavtal med 5% restvärde.

Om du har några frågor eller vill se en komplett prislista så kontakta oss gärna, eller gå till bokningsformuläret för att reservera din plats direkt.

Henrik Petré

Vi ser fram emot att höra av dig!

/Henrik Petré, Head of Education

Now Shipping: The kBox4 – with a New Accessory

Today, we celebrate the great reception of the new kBox4 by presenting a new bag for your flywheels, making any kBox even more portable.

The initial kBox4 batch has been delivered to the first pre-order customers over four continents, and now the second, larger batch is just about to start shipping. Our website is now updated with some nice new photographs of the kBox4.

Meanwhile, excellent feedback (such as the post pictured to the right) has started coming in from users of the new kBox generation, which makes us really happy. Thank you so much!

New Flywheel Bag

Flywheel BagFor all of you as well as for users of all previous kBox models, we now have the pleasure of presenting a brand new accessory: the Flywheel Bag.

Aimed at further improving the portability of the kBox, the Flywheel Bag provides a convenient way to carry your Flywheels and other accessories between clients or training sites, leaving both your hands for carrying the kBox platform itself, weighing only from 11 kg.

The Flywheel Bag is compatible with Exxentric Flywheels in all sizes and for all kBox versions, and it is now available at EUR 50 plus shipping and local tax.

Learn More

Read more about the kBox4 and all new accessories on our updated equipment pages. To get a full price list (starting at EUR 2,190 / USD 2,570) or discuss a kBox4 order for your facility, contact us or reach out to your reseller today.

Revealing the Fourth kBox Generation

As of today, we have started accepting orders for the fourth kBox generation, consisting of the larger, smoother and smarter kBox4 Pro and the compact game changer kBox4 Lite. Here, CEO Erik Lindberg shares the full story and presents a pre-order offering:

kBox4 prototypesSince we launched the kBox3 in December 2014, we have had the pleasure of welcoming many new customers on six continents active in sports, physiotherapy and fitness. The feedback we have received has been overwhelmingly encouraging and creative.

With the suggestions and ideas shared by all of you, we have spent considerable time and energy developing the next generation flywheel training devices. Today, we are excited to share some details of the new models and their features, as we gear up for shipping of the new series.


The appearance of the new generation may be familiar, as you can see from the final prototype version pictured here. However, the kBox4 series has gone through a major overhaul, and for the first time it now features two different models.

The new kBox4 Pro is without doubt the best flywheel training device we have produced to date, catering to the growing demand from professional teams and athletes, successful physiotherapy clinics and top range fitness facilities. At the same time, we now launch the kBox4 Lite, designed to offer an entry level system for teams, clinics, gym owners, personal trainers and private users, opening up the benefits of flywheel training for completely new user segments. Several new product features that we have worked on for a long time will be included in the kBox4 generation, as well as new and redesigned accessories.

On top of all this, we have reviewed the pricing of the whole product line, making our total offering even more attractive. Furthermore, pre-orders placed now will be offered at a discount, with the first kBox4 Pro deliveries estimated for late October and the kBox4 Lite in late November.

The new models

kBox4 Flywheel auto-lock mechanismAmong the many important improvements of the new series is a reduction of rotational friction by over 50% which will facilitate even more pronounced and precise eccentric overload.

Both models feature a brand new quick-lock flywheel system for fast and convenient inertia changes. The new kBoxes are also stackable, making it possible to place several kBoxes on top of each other when stowed away. Another feature shared by both new models is a flat top surface without visible bolts or holes.

In addition, the different models also have unique qualities:

The kBox4 Pro

  • kBox4 Pro prototype…is 22% larger than the kBox3, with a top surface of 55x90cm instead of 45x90cm.
  • …is actually lighter than the kBox3 despite the size increase, at less than 14,5 kg (chassis only, without flywheels).
  • …can be equipped with up to four flywheels including a new 0.070 kgm2 wheel, allowing for a massive total inertia range from 0.010 up to 0.280 kgm2, or 40% more than the kBox3.
  • …has an auto-rewind mechanism for drive belt length adjustment, similar to the kBox3.
  • …can be equipped with re-designed Foot Blocks, offering more convenience and quicker handling.

The kBox4 Lite

  • kBox4 Lite prototype…is more than 25% lighter and also smaller than it’s big brother. Top surface is 45×70 and also slightly lower, making it very compact and easy to stow away.
  • …weighs in at only 10,7 kg, making it the perfect flywheel device for traveling coaches and athletes.
  • …can be equipped with up to two flywheels, for a total inertia range of 0.010 up to 0.100 kgm2.
  • …has a manual system for drive belt length adjustment and easier maintenance and belt change.

The Accessories

HarnessWe also have some important news to share on the accessories:

  • The Harness has been re-designed and now comes in a black fabric, with padded shoulders and a loop in the back of the waist belt. The Harnesses are now also offered in discounted 3-packs (S, M and L) and 5-packs (XS, S, M, L and XL), inviting more customers to acquire the full size range to ensure a perfect fit, regardless of the users’ size.
  • A new model of kGrips will be introduced and sold in pairs.
  • Ankle CuffWe are now also introducing Ankle Cuffs for the first time, also sold in pairs, facilitating exercises such as the kBox Hip Extension.


With the new functional and technical improvements mentioned, we have still managed not to increase the price of the kBox4 Pro as compared to the previous generation. Due to the strengthened dollar, we have also been able to decrease the previously higher USD prices.

A kBox4 Pro starter system and basic accessories costs from EUR 2,920 (USD 3,420) plus shipping and taxes. The kBox4 Lite on the other hand will cost almost 25% less than the Pro model, opening up flywheel training to completely new categories of users. A starter system with the kBox4 Lite and basic accessories costs EUR 2,190 (USD 2,570) plus shipping and taxes.

Prices of the Flywheels and the Harnesses have also been adjusted downwards, making it more affordable for customers to acquire a complete set of accessories with every kBox.

While our customers have grown used to industry-leading delivery times within days from order, we know that there will be lead times during production ramp-up and we need to ask for a bit of extra patience. However, in return we are offering a 10% pre-order discount for customers paying for their orders before October 10th.

If you need your new kBox system soon, please note that shipping will be prioritized based on the payment date for each order.

Wrapping up

We are really excited about this next phase in the development of global flywheel training, and we look forward to welcoming you to the #Exxentricfam.

To get the full price list or discuss a kBox4 investment for your facility, contact us or reach out to your reseller today.

Erik Lindberg/Erik Lindberg, CEO

Should Personal Trainers Use the kBox with Clients?

What would happen if we let four untrained individuals, with completely different age, gender and training background work with a personal trainer with a kBox and body weight as their main loading alternatives for six weeks? To find out, we just launched the new project #kBoxPT16. Exxentric’s Henrik Petré explains:

kBoxPT16 collageA common misconception about flywheel training is that it is adapted for training of well trained performance athletes or in rehabilitation after injury.

This is despite the fact that the majority of studies in the field of flywheel resistance training are conducted on untrained, healthy individuals. These studies have shown very good improvements in both hypertrophy, maximum strength and power for this target group.

The biggest benefits of flywheel training with kBox are the variable resistance in the concentric phase of the movement and that it allows for eccentric training in a safe and efficient manner. The fact that eccentric training breaks down the musculature more than concentric or isometric training suggests that flywheel training is very powerful and time-efficient.

On top of that, the kBox only weighs 14 kg plus the flywheel and is almost totally silent. With this in mind, you will quickly understand the great benefits for health and fitness. Whether you want high quality and safe training at home or group train together with an educated personal trainer at the gym, the kBox is a great loading alternative.

To put flywheel training with the kBox to test with both older and younger adults regardless of their physical state and working with a personal trainer, we have just started #kBoxPT16.

For a period of six weeks, personal trainer Niklas Westblad, B.Sc., will work with four clients of varying age, gender and physical status, training with kBox two times a week. The clients’ strength and balance will be tested before and after the training period using the kMeter and more, to measure the effect of the intervention.

The selected participants represent a convenience sample in which none of the participants have used flywheel training before:

  • Christer, a 71 year old real estate appraiser with no background in sports. Despite his age he is still working, four days a week. Christer’s goal is to start training regulary, become more mobile and stronger in his legs.
  • Mimmi, a 51 year old physiotherapist with a great passion for running. Mimmi´s goal with this training period is to become stronger in the legs to benefit her running. Mimmi currently has a frozen shoulder which limits her much in her selection of exercises in traditional gravity based training.
  • Louise, a 37 year old mother who loves to play golf in her spare time. She works as a project manager for a large construction company in Stockholm. Louise’s goal with this training period is to be generally stronger in the whole body but especially the legs as she has a skiing holiday planned with her family and wants to be strong enough to have a great time in the slopes.
  • Oskar, a 27 year old guy with a great passion for sports. He played soccer in younger years but since then he has been relatively inactive. He currently works as a sommelier and his goal for this training period is to “kickstart” his training.

You can follow the project through the hashtag #kBoxPT16 on Instagram. We look forward to following the progress of Niklas’ clients and wish them the best of luck!

/Henrik Petré, Head of Education