The Summit Presentations

The Exxentric Summit was a great success and the rumors about it echoed around the world. We can now offer the presentation slide decks from all the flywheel training lectures for download, free of charge.

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In order of appearance:

Henrik Petré:
“Effects of Flywheel Training on Strength Related Variables – A Meta Analysis”

Ben Drury:
“Eccentric Training: Programming, Planning and Future Directions”

Georgios Kakavas:
“Eccentric Training and Evidence Based Hamstring Injury Prevention Using the kBox”

James Baker:
“Eccentric Training and The Younger Athlete”

Mike Young:
“Implementing Flywheel Training for Enhanced Athletic Performance and Injury Prevention”

Cas Wolbert:
“From patient to Olympian – Flywheel in the Clinic”

Fredrik Correa:
“kBox Power Test Protocol + Exxentric’s Education Structure”

Fredrik Correa:
“Personal Training With the kBox – Results of a Field Test”

Sten Kaiser:
“The Power of Power – Physics Meets Physiology in kBox Training”



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The Summit Presentations