We ship the kBox product line directly from Sweden to customers worldwide.

We ship via DHL or UPS, usually within one working day from receipt of payment. The normal time from shipping to receipt ranges from 48 hours up to one week worldwide.


Packaging size

A kBox system is shipped in a robust custom produced cardboard box. For the kBox4 Pro, the size is 100 x 68 x 30 cm, and for the kBox4 Lite the size is 80 x 58 x 26 cm. The total weight including packaging material is typically 30–45 kg, depending on the model and the number of accessories.


Shipping cost

The standard cost for shipping and handling of one kBox system with accessories ranges from EUR 60 for most locations in continental Europe to EUR 250 (USD 290) for North America and Australia. Contact us for the correct shipping cost to your address.

As an alternative, customers are welcome to arrange pick up at our final assembly facility in Stockholm, Sweden.


Customs duty

Customers outside of the European Union and the United States may be subject to customs duty. The tariff varies from country to country based on the TARIC code 9506911000, and can be obtained from local authorities.



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