Methods & Exercises

Exxentric has developed a set of methods to enable versatile loading, based on a strong fundamentals of scientific studies.

These methods for flywheel training on the kBox include standard exercises for most major muscle groups, as well as advanced methods for each muscle contraction type.


Standard Exercises

The kBox is probably best known as a tool for squats, but it is also optimised for over 30 different exercises. This includes 10 of the most important drills for strength training. To read more about them, click here. To go directly to our exercise videos, click here.


Advanced Methods

Eccentric training. The contraction type that brought flywheel training to fame. We have developed a number of different methods to achieve eccentric overload on the kBox. Read more.

Concentric training. Limit downtime and increase training volume by focusing on concentric actions. Coming soon.

Isometric training. Teach your body to handle heavier load and improve your weak spots. Read more.

The kBox Power Test. Our standardized protocol for testing the power of a kBox user with reliable and comparable results. Read more.



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