After a while, your kBox may need a bit of maintenance. Here's how to do it.


Check Regularly

The drive belt and its attachment to the shaft is the most sensitive part of the kBox. Be attentive and check regularly for signs of wear and tear.


Trimming the Belt

If damage occurs close to the end of the belt, you need to trim the belt by cutting off the damaged end and reattach the new end. Read the trimming guide for kBox4 or kBox3.


Replacing the Belt

If trimming the damaged parts of the belt leaves a remaining belt that is too short, the belt needs to be replaced. Read the replacement guide for kBox4 or kBox3.


Tightening Screws and Nuts

Most kBox’es are put under a lot of force and some vibrations, and on the kBox4 we recommend that screws and nuts are checked and tightened regularly, at least once a month. Watch the video guide for kBox4.



Contact us or your reseller for help, or go back to support.

kBox3 maintenance