kMeter Module

The kMeter Module is an essential part of the Exxentric kMeter wireless feedback system.

kMeter Module

The kMeter Module is the wireless transmitter module that is connected to the kBox, connecting with the kMeter App.

Together with the free to download app for iOS, the kMeter Module forms the kMeter Feedback System for accurate monitoring of power and energy and further variables during flywheel training.


Specification and Usage

The kMeter Module consists of a bluetooth transmitter that connects to the rotational sensor under the kBox and transmits the signal to your iOS devices. The module is compatible with all versions of kBox4 as well as previous kBox generations that have the sensor connector installed.

The kMeter module is easily installed and is battery powered for complete mobility and ease of use. It can be connected to an unlimited number of iOS devices, so each user of a kBox can keep track of their own development.



The cost of the kMeter Module is EUR 390 excluding local tax and shipping.


Further reading

Read more about the kMeter Feedback System.



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EUR 390

USD 460

Price per starter system excluding local tax and shipping.
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