kMeter Manual: Quick Start Guide

An overview of how to quickly get up and running with the kMeter feedback system for the kBox.


1. Plug in the kMeter Module

  • Turn the kBox upside down.
  • Locate the kMeter socket on the kBox, placed on the side of the vertical reinforcement plate (picture 1).
  • Plug the kMeter connector into the socket.


2. Attach the kMeter Module (optional)

If desired, the kMeter Module can be attached to the kBox using the included velcro tape:

  • Place one piece of velcro tape on the kBox.
  • Place the corresponding piece on the kMeter. Do not cover the battery lid. (picture 3)
  • Attach the tape on the kMeter Module to the tape on the kBox.


3. Get the free kMeter App

  • Download the kMeter App to your Android or iOS device.


4. Connect the App with the Module

  • Press the on/off button on the kMeter Module (picture 2) until it starts blinking with a blue light. (It turns off automatically after a while, if not in use.)
  • Make sure that bluetooth on your mobile device is turned on, then start the kMeter app.
  • In the app, click the green Connect-button from the start screen. (Status will change from Not connected to Connected + serial number of your kMeter Module.)
  • Go through the rest of the set up process in the app and click Close.


5. Ready!

  • Start playing and work hard. Happy DOMS!


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kMeter Module connector

Picture 1

kMeter Module

Picture 2

kMeter Module

Picture 3