The Exxentric kGrip is an essential accessory to any flywheel device. It is comfortable, versatile, durable, light and aesthetic.


The kGrip weighs only about 100 g, avoiding wasting unneccessary energy on defying gravity like with a heavy iron grip. This transfers more energy into the flywheel for use in the eccentric phase. Also being able to adjust angles through the motions is very beneficial.

Its coating is designed to be highly comfortable, and top materials are selected for optimal durability.

The kGrip is perfect for many different pulling exercises like straight-arm lifts, hammer curls, deadlifts, high pull and row. Do the exercise using both grips with maximal effort and power or in single version for balance like in single-hand RDL or for rotational strength like in a single hand row. It is a typical accessory to any kBox system, but it can be used also for traditional weight training.

The price of the kGrip is 30 EUR for one pair, excluding local tax and shipping.

For the longer two-hand bar attachment, see the kBar.



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The kGrips add €30 / $40 to a kBox system.
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