kBox4 Lite

The kBox4 Lite is the smaller kBox model, advantageous in its smaller footprint, lower cost and portability.

kBox4 Lite with Flywheel

In our kBox4 generation of flywheel training devices, the kBox4 Lite model is often chosen for its smaller foot-print, lower weight and it’s competitive entry cost level.



The price of a kBox4 Lite starter system including a Flywheel and a Hip Belt is 2,190 Euro plus local tax and shipping. The corresponding price for an advanced system which includes a larger set of accessories is 2,960 Euro. The platform itself excluding flywheels or attachments is 2,060 Euro.

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  • kBox4 LiteSize: floor area 77 x 52 cm, top area 70 x 45 cm, height 21 cm.
  • Weight: 11.1 kg
  • Made from powder coated aluminum, with details made of anodized hardened carbon steel and aluminum, and high-friction rubber.
  • Built-in rotational sensor, ready to connect to our kMeter feedback system as well as SmartCoach.
  • Maximum inertia: up to 0.100 kgm2, using two Flywheels of up to 0.050 kgm2 each.
  • CE-marking as a medical device.



FlywheelThe kBox4 Lite can be equipped with up to two flywheels in three different sizes, made from laser cut and powder coated carbon steel:

  • Heavy: 0.050 kgm2
  • Medium: 0.025 kgm2
  • Light: 0.010 kgm2

Extension Strap

Extension CordThe Extension Strap is used to enable a higher top position for tall users performing overhead exercises, like for example the military press. The price of the Extension Strap is 20 Euro.

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