Introductory Course: Extended


  • Goal: To understand the physiology and benefits of flywheel training as well as the benefits of eccentric training, and be able to apply methods of load and eccentric overload.
  • Prerequisites: Basic strength and conditioning education
  • Duration: 8 hours
  • Cost: EUR 155 per participant



No experience is required for this course. However, we recommend two years of experience from regular personal strength training.


Goals and Objectives

  • To learn more about the history of flywheel training
  • To get a deeper knowledge of human strength and eccentric training
  • To understand the physiology and benefits of flywheel training
  • To be able to use flywheel training safely and efficiently
  • To learn about variable resistance, methods of load and eccentric overload for unilateral and bilateral flywheel training
  • To learn about the science behind flywheel training
  • To get an introduction to the applicability of flywheel training
  • To get an introduction to the kMeter for feedback in real-time


Content and Structure

The course includes instruction on Flywheel training using the kBox with alternating theoretical and practical elements. Among other things, the complexity of the concepts of strength and different forms of strength training will be discussed. Concepts such as neural factors, muscular factors and mechanical factors will be discussed as well as the practice of different unilateral and bilateral strength training exercises with flywheel device. Besides that, the advantages of feedback in real time and possibilities to monitor and control the intensity and volume of training will also be discussed.



Clothing: We recommend training clothes to be able to participate in the practical sessions.

Evaluation: After every course, the participants are offered to take part in an anonymous survey with the aim of developing the course content, structure and implementation.

Provisions: Lunch, coffee and snack is included.



Local tax and expenses may be added to the costs above. Contact us with your location and group size for a detailed quote, or go back to courses.