Flywheel Bag

The perfect accessory when bringing your kBox on the road.

Flywheel Bag

Carrying the kBox is rather easy since its weight is only 11-15 kgs depending on the model. The problem is getting the accessories with you, especially the Flywheels since they do add some weight.

With the Flywheel Bag you can carry the flywheels over your shoulder, together with your other accessories such as the kGrips, the kBar and kMeter while having both hands free for carrying the kBox.

So, packing the car or moving the kBox out on the pitch just got a little easier with this custom made bag. Even when you are only in the gym, the Flywheel Bag is a great place to store your flywheels. All in one place, and you can hang it on a hook on the wall instead of having them lying around.

The Flywheel Bag is custom made in strong fabric, including handles as well as a shoulder belt for your convenience. Beyond the main compartement for your flywheels, the bag includes a separate compartement for smaller items as well as a carabiner for safe attachment of larger accessories.

The price of the Flywheel Bag is 50 EUR excluding local tax and shipping. Flywheels not included.



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The Flywheel Bag adds €50 / $60 to a kBox system.
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