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The Exxentric line of equipment for flywheel training includes the two kBox4 models and custom made accessories.



The kBox4 Pro and the kBox4 Lite are our premium devices for flywheel training along with the kBox4 Active, all based on decade-long of experience and academic research. It is used successfully by Olympic athletes as well as rehabilitation patients and fitness clients.

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The kPulley is our flywheel training device optimised for all of your horizontal exercises and movement needs.

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The Exxentric kMeter is our wireless science based feedback system for flywheel training. The kMeter system is developed specifically to accurately measure power and energy during flywheel training on the kBox. The system consists of two parts: the kMeter Module connected to the kBox, and a mobile app.

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HarnessThe Exxentric Harness enables you to unleash all your strength in the training. It is made of strong but still soft material, available in all sizes.

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Hip Belt

Squat Hip BeltThe Exxentric Hip Belt is the ideal entry level accessory for squat exercises and more on the kBox. One size fits all.

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kBar wideThe Exxentric kBar is the number one accessory to any flywheel device. It is ultra light and has a very comfortable grip.

Read more about the kBar.



kGripThe Exxentric kGrip is built on the same concept as kBar but in a single grip.

Read more about the kGrip.


Ankle Cuff

Ankle CuffThe Exxentric Ankle Cuff is the ideal accessory primarily for hip extension exercises, with similar attributes as the kBar and kGrip.

Read more about the Ankle Cuff.


Foot Block

Foot BlockThe Exxentric Foot Blocks are important accessories if you want the most versatile kBox4 flywheel training experience.

Read more about the Foot Block.


Head Harness

The Exxentric Head Harness is one of our newest accessories for our flywheel training product line.

Read more about the Head Harness.


Accessory Rack

The one accessory to keep your kBox accessories in order.

Read more about the Accessory Rack.


Flywheel Bag

The perfect accessory when bringing your kBox on the road.

Read more about the Flywheel Bag.


Extension Strap

The accessory you need for certain exercises or users, where the standard drive belt is not long enough.

Read more about the Extension Strap.


Cover Mat

Extra protection to avoid unneccessary wear on the top mat of your kBox4 Pro.

Read more about the Cover Mat.



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