• Goal: To get introduced to flywheel training concepts and benefits
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Duration: 0.5–1 hours
  • Cost: Free of charge for qualified individuals



No experience is required.


Goals and Objectives

  • To get a basic introduction to flywheel training
  • Get an opportunity to experience some standard exercises
  • Understand the options for continued education and investment in flywheel training


Content and Structure

A demonstration includes an introduction to flywheel training with the kBox, focusing on practical aspects. Several strength training exercises with the kBox flywheel device are demonstrated.



We are offering weekly demonstrations on Wednesday afternoons at our Stockholm headquarters in Bromma. To reserve your place or request other locations, contact us today.



Clothing: We recommend training clothes to be able to participate in the practical session.



Contact us to book a demonstration, or go back to courses.