The deadlift is the most basic and important drill for strength in the posterior chain but also a great exercise for total strength.


Do the kBox deadlift with low inertia for reps in conditioning, heavier or with overload for strength and injury prevention. You pick, the kBox sets no limits here. Perfect use of your kBar too.

Variations include traditional, stiff-legged deadlift and Romanian deadlifts (RDL). Use kBar or single handle on one or two legs for different use of balance and rotational strength and further variation. The deadlift into high pull with high speed and low inertia is also a really taxing drill, good for the more intense warm-up, HIIT or working the triple extension for your olympic lifts. For eccentric overload do a squat in the concentric phase and let a weaker exercise (for example RDL) do the eccentric.

For videos of regular deadlifts on the kBox, watch Deadlift, Deadlift into high pull, and Single-legged deadlift, and for still-legged deadlifts, watch Stiff deadliftStiff deadlift into high pull, and Single-legged stiff deadlift.


As compared to using traditional free weights or gravity based equipment, performing deadlift exercises on the kBox has multiple advantages. The possibility to limit the depth of the exercise ensures safety. Since you don’t lift any weights you can always stop pulling if you feel pain without having to drop the weights on the floor. The eccentric pull is almost difficult to image before your tried it. The variations with one or two feet, single or bar-grip can shift focus from heavy on the hamstring and hip extension to core muscles or make you go from a heavy and powerful drill into a complex more technically demanding drill, all depending on your aim. Good example of doing heavy exercises in a safer way, thanks to flywheel training.


In effect, the kBox can be used for effective deadlift exercises by a wide range of clients independent of technique skills.


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