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While flywheel training is gaining more and more momentum in performance sports and growing scientific support, what is stopping personal trainers, gyms and their clients to benefit from this technology? Nothing, really.

Personal Trainer

The average client to a personal trainer can really be anyone ranging from the average Joe to a young fitness athlete or an older sedentary person. What they have in common is that they want results and they will go with their money where they can find it.

The Exxentric kBox offers highly efficient flywheel training in a safe and ergonomic way. The variable resistance gives and automatically adjusted load to the subjects’ intensity during the whole range of motion and stimulates increase in strength and mass in superior ways compared to traditional weights. The easily accessible eccentric load or overload gives faster and larger gains in strength and mass, something every client desires, whether he or she is the stressed-out CEO, the “get-back-in-shape” Mother, the serious bodybuilder or fitness athlete.

With the variable resistance, you don’t have to change weights between sets or users to the same extent, saving a lot of time in small group PT. Shorter or taller clients can easily workout together without having to change the height of the rack. This makes sessions time efficient and saves time for you and your clients. With our computerised feedback systems, you can follow your clients’ progression, a very motivational tool that will keep them going.

Using a harness for lower limb exercises puts less demand on technique and more on effort and performance. The harness unloads upper back from point pressure and lower back from torque, which allow clients to focus on their performance instead. You can take your new clients practically from the street and load them in the kBox squat from day 1!

Another practical advantage with the kBox is its mobility. Only weighing about 23 kg (50 lbs) with accessories, you can move the equipment easily in the bigger gym if you want to set up circuit training or work in an aerobic or dance studio in a group training session. With the small floor area of 0.5 square metres needed, the smaller gym or home-studio can be much more competent without overcrowding.

With all these advantages in mind, the last point, the economical really is self explanatory. With a single device offering over 30 exercises, mobility, safety and efficacy with the same or lower price than a complete barbell set you really get your moneys’ worth.

Usage of flywheel training in health and fitness is increasing, with gyms both in Europe and the US having started to include kBox training in their client offering.



For hotels and resorts, the kBox offers highly efficient but safe, evidence based strength training within gym facilities as well as in the privacy of individual guest rooms. [Read more]


With its variable resistance, the kBox is highly suitable for strength training for seniors and older adults, for rehabilitation as well as general health and fitness. [Read more]


The kBox is a great tool for strength training in youths for both sports performance and health and fitness, from safe basic movements to eccentric loading. [Read more]

Farsta fire brigadeEmergency and uniformed services

In emergency and uniformed services professional kBox users face similar challenges as users in sports and fitness, but there are also important differences. [Read more]


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“If I could describe the forces pulling you down I would, but you have to try it to understand.”
 – Drew Cooper (US), personal trainer, CSCS, BS Kinesiology



“My arms are finished half way through the scheduled workout, feels like it hits every single fibre.”
– Yas Parr (US), strength coach, BSc Sports Performance



“Great machine and very good feeling! Great applications!”
– Miguel Ángel Cano (Spain), physioterapist and personal trainer



“Who needs kettlebells?”
– Paul Cater (US), strength and conditioning coach



“I’m totally blown away! How did I not know about this inertial training?”
 – John Bosse (US), bodybuilder and exercise science podcaster



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