Ankle Cuff

The Exxentric Ankle Cuff is an inexpensive way to broaden the use of your flywheel device. It is comfortable, versatile, durable and light.

Ankle CuffThe Ankle Cuff is a lightweight accessory weighing only 150 g, designed for leg exercises with your kBox.

Straight Leg Hip Extension or a push-extension (eccentric) combo is great for anyone aiming at improving hip extension power, horizontal force production, sprint ability or injury prevention. Other drills are different hamstring curls (standing, prone or seated) to really target the hamstrings.

Adding these drills to the deadlift, RDL variations done with single grip or kBar and the harness hip extension provides you with the most competent device for working the posterior chain and hams on the market.

The price of the Ankle Cuff is 30 EUR for one pair, excluding local tax and shipping.



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The Ankle Cuffs add €30 / $40 to a kBox system.
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